Joel has always been in favor of Trump but believes that he’s ill-equipped for the battle. Every law enforcement organization in the nation is connected to the deep state. It’s a case a whack-a-mole. Every time he fires a deep stater, he winds up hiring another. He has to rely upon the advice of main stream republicans who cannot be trusted. The key is whether the deep staters in the Senate will openly vote in favor of the removal. Joel believes that Trump has done nothing illegal. Biden isn’t immune from investigation and Trump had every right to request it. Not to mention that there’s a treaty with Ukraine that requires investigation of wrong doing. What do we do with Donald Trump? He has good instincts but bad morals and not much else. The deep state keeps getting its way. Joel is worried that after Trump the US will never have another republican president. Just look at the state of Virginia which is now solid blue thanks to illegal immigration. 

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Austin has its hearts and sidewalks to the homeless. Following the example of San Francisco the city council passed an ordinance allowing homeless to sleep in virtually any place except the mayor’s home. Finally the Governor stepped in and cleaned the place up. The city has fought back by warning the homeless of impending sweeps. What standard should we use to commit these individuals to mental health facility? The current standard of imminent harm to themselves or to others is not working. It’s time to protect society and individuals from this societal degredation. Forcible medication needs to be looked at and perhaps implemented. 

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