US Gold Corp (symbol USAU) reported major news today. CEO Ed Karr is very pleased with the recent drill results that yielded .4 grams per ton of gold. Ed believes that this is the edge or halo of a major gold system. The company's Keystone 20 square mile project is huge and discovering gold here akin to finding a needle in a haystack. But these results further affirm the potential for large gold systems here, with similar potential to the neighboring Cortez Hills district. And while the needle has been elusive, they now have a much clearer idea where it's lurking. US Gold's technical staff plans to spend the winter going over the results and figuring out where to drill next. Exciting times ahead!

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Martin Armstrong is back explaining what’s really happening in the Repo market. It’s all about Europe. It’s a function of the Euro’s failure and the march into the safe-haven US Dollar. The Repo crisis is about Deutch Bank going down and the European politicians refuse to bail it out, what happens next? No one wants to merge with it, it’s the red-headed step child of international banking. The US Dollar has no choice but to keep going up. Dow is headed much, much higher. Gold will take off as confidence in the system ebbs. US Government debt is still the standard and will remain so for a while to come. 

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