Trilogy Metals is on the cusp of a major expansion/transition. And renowned mining veteran CEO Jim Gowans is the man to lead them through the next phase.

Trilogy's Ambler District is what he calls a stranded asset. A polymetallic project with huge amounts of copper, zinc, lead, silver and gold, it's remote location in the Arctic Circle has kept it off the radar until recently. While the resource has long been known to exist, its harsh inaccessible venue made development extremely challenging. This is exactly the type of project that Jim has brought to fruition many times in the past, as he did with the Red Dog mine located in the Northwest Arctic Borough of Alaska, just west of the Ambler District. Right now approvals are being sought for a toll road which will give road access to Ambler.

Jim is one of very few managers who has the talent and experience to such a project online. South 32 the giant Aussie mining company has an option agreement with Trilogy to obtain a 50% percent interest in Ambler in exchange for $150 million, already having invested $30 million and should they exercise it (decision due in January 2020), this could be the catalyst that's needed to reset Trilogy's market value. 

All of this makes Trilogy Metals a stock worth your attention.. 

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