Amy Kremer was one of the founders of the modern day Tea Party movement, but she's moved on. She's a s a Co-Founder and Chair for Women for America First and a former congressional candidate. She organizing protests around the country to help stop the madness. She even has one planned at Lindsay Graham's office. He's the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee and thus far has done nothing. Amy is hoping to help put a stop to the non-sense. 

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Adam Andrzejewski has made it his life's purpose to expose the nefarious doings of the swamp. In a recent study, he showed how easily politicians line their pockets. Companies that rely upon Washington's largess regularly contribute to their hometown congressman to keep the pork flowing. Some congressmen even form companies to manage their campaigns and pay themselves richly for  services rendered. Something has got to give. Citizens are growing very wary and disgusted of such self-dealing practices. Eventually the right catalyst will unleash the will of the People to drive these parasites from the public trough. 

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