When volume is low look for increased prices.When volume goes higher, look for declines. Volume has trailed off since the October sell-off. We’re not in a bear market yet. Prices remain above all their moving averages and indicators. Nick believes we’re not in a bear market.  It’s a trendless market, but since the May low, we’ve made higher lows, so there’s a slight upside bias. One thing that everyone needs to be aware of is if we make a lower low. Then we could see a major decline. Gold is currently in a consolidation phase, slightly below it’s 50 day moving average. A sideways consolidation is clearly underway. The Dollar is also consolidating. It’s going to break 100. Interest rates have bottomed and are now on their way higher. Bonds have peaked and rates will be heading higher. Crude all could fall to $44. No sell signal yet but, be ready. 

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Riots have become the norm in France, Ecuador, Hong Kong and now Chile. John sees this as a function of out of control debt and the running out of other people's money. The US could find itself in a similar situation after the election. There's a belief among the world's population that corruption has become the norm and that there's no way to reign it in. This could lead to half the nation believing that the election will be stolen and therefore a rejection of the outcome, regardless who wins. 

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