If politicians deliberately set out to destroy a state, it would look like California. It's not enough having the highest taxes in the nation, the worst business environment, emptying out the jails and driving the middle class to other states, they're doing their best to accelerate the trend. And let's not forget homelessness. The state is completely unable and unwilling to deal with it. Which has led to a recall petition for Governor Newsome and LA Mayor Garcetti. Most states try to avoid blackouts, but California embraces them. Fortunately Joe Messina was just outside the zone, so his lights stayed on. But hundreds of thousands lost their power for several days. At this point, California is circling down the drain and there's nothing that can save it. 

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Rose Tennent works with female entrepreneurs and is pleased to inform us that women are doing extremely well under the Trump economic policies. Female employment has never been higher. Over half the 6 million jobs created under the current admin have gone to women. Best of all Rose believes that this trend will continue and even accelerate under a second Trump term. Now that's change we can all believe in. 

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