Just like in the US, elections in Canada have become a race to the bottom. Economies around the world are weakening. No one is trying anything new or different, politicians that is. Looks like another bank bailout could be in the offing. No modern politician wants to be known as the person that brought down the global financial system. And that means more of the same, bailouts and kicking the can down the road. Let's hope that our neighbors to the north have a better idea, but don't count on it. 

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Gordon T. Long joined for a review of the recent disruptions in the Repo market and what are its possible causes. The Fed has come to its rescue so all is well. But are we actually witnessing stealth collapses of major banks? The Fed is being quite opaque on the subject. In other news, the Fed is buying $60 billion per month in securities, a/k/a QE4. There's much more here. 

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