Eric Hadik has been right about the price of gold for years now. He's forecasting a late Q4 Gold Rally that will continue well into March 2020. The cycles are aligning. He's think that a US Dollar correction is possible but not assured. The interest rate should see a final peak in bonds and low in interest rates in mid 2020. Up from there. Between now and then a six month low in bond prices. Crude bottomed around 50 and surged to 63 on Iranian attack on the Saudis. Seems to be range bound for at least a while to come. It's shaping up to be a very exciting 2020. 

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Unemployment hit 3.5% a low not seen since the 1960’s. The economy while slowing is still pretty strong. Lay-offs appear to be picking up. Jobs are plentiful. Anyone who really wants one can find one quickly. Pay is also picking up. But for how long? Debt is escalating and trillion dollar deficits are becoming the norm. And just why is the Fed cutting interest rates?

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