Trayvon Martins life came to an unfortunate early end. But the hoax about his death has lived on. Until now. Moviemaker Joel Gilbert has blown the lid off of corrupt prosecutors, opportunistic race baiters and a complicit media. While the trial exonerated George Zimmerman from criminal culpability in the case, race hustlers like the Rev. Al Sharpton and attorney Benjamin Crump fielded a false witness and completely divided the nation in the process. Race relations have been straight down hill ever since. See the movie with the link below. 

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Amazon Prime – The Trayvon Hoax

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Debt keeps on increasing at increasing rates. That should be good news for the repo market. And yet, Fed's Repo man is in a quandary. How could chaos reign in a stodgy market that's been around since 1917. The premise is simple. Buy securities to loosen liquidity. Sell securities to tighten liquidity. But Houston, we have a problem. This market broke down and no one has really explained why. That's what happens in an over indebted society. Markets breakdown, almost at random. 

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