Heye Daun has over 20 years experience working in mining and finance. His two most recents forays resulted in discoveries, company sales and big profits for shareholders. Could the third time be the real charm? Heye and his team are advancing yet another successful mining venture, Osino Resources, which just-released highly encouraging drill results that show evidence of a very significant gold discovery.  

Heye was born to a ranching family in Namibia. Career-wise he had a choice: ranching or mining. He opted for the latter and in retrospect he made the right decision. So far Osino is 4 for 4 in its drill campaign. That's right, all their drill holes have come up positive and they're waiting on the results for the last 3. Being young and ambitious, Heye has many new discoveries ahead. We'll be watching closely. 

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Our good friend Nick Santiago is still very bullish on the yellow metal and the shiny metal too. He sees a period of consolidation followed by more gains, likely before year's end. He's also seeing an end to Fed easing, no more rate cuts, for better or worse. Interest rates have bottomed and should see some increases ahead. Oil is right around where it should be and will probably stay close to its current level, barring a new MidEast war. One further note, Nick says buy the dips on gold and especially silver. You'll be glad you did. 

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