Since 1995, Mark Campbell has been trying to get Egypt to rationalize its mining royalty system. Now it looks like his efforts are about to pay off. Rather than the old 50-50 model, which couldn't work for miners, Egypt will be shifting to a much more advantageous tax system that should be a boon to gold miners like our sponsor Aton Resources. Things are about to get very interesting at the Company's Rodruin project. And Mark shared with us some highly positive drill results that were just released and could mean there's a mountain of gold just waiting to be tapped. Exciting times for Mark and Aton!

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Our go to person for all things medical, Dr. Elaina George believes that Obamacare is now officially permanent, thanks to the democrat takeover of the House. They're looking for single payer panacea which clearly doesn't exist. It's now more important than ever for you to become an empowered patient and opt-out of the system. It's later than you think. And start leading a healthier lifestyle today!

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There's wildfires in California, disputed elections all over the map, and panic all over the place; will it lead to a Wall Street Meltdown? It's often said that stocks climb on a wall of worry. If that's the case then the market should be booming now. There's enough worries to go around all over. More and more people keep moving to geographically and financially dangerous areas, knowing that the government will be there to bail them out. Our ability to properly govern ourselves is diminishing daily and there's few bright spots on the horizon. How much longer can the economic system hold out for? 

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Kyle Olson has just directed a funny but tragic movie, Dummycrats. In it, Diamond and Silk travel to Maxine Water's poverty stricken district and to her out of district mansion. She's always voted one of the top corrupt members of congress, but the system keeps her in place. Then they travel up to San Francisco to check out the state of upcoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's district. The view from the street is appalling, with rampant homelessness, out of control addiction and the much vaunted poop patrol. You can't make this stuff up. 

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