The past two weeks have seen cannabis stocks take a major hit. But according to Allison Ostrander, it shouldn't be a shock. There's was so much buzz and hype and they moved up so quickly. But she believes it's just a prelude to the next run up in prices. There's too many states and countries getting ready to legalize both medical and recreational cannabis. But you've got to be extremely careful in what stocks you invest in. There's some companies that will come to dominate the industry and others will fade by the wayside. Careful stock picking is essential. 

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David Erfle believes that the current weakness in gold stocks and the GDX portend a further downturn in metals prices. In addition, we've got tax loss selling season moving ahead in Canada, which always makes Q4 a weak time for mining stocks. But once that's out of the way, things should be picking up and we'll see stronger prices. 

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Large companies are failing to protect your privacy and the sanctity of your personal data. Attorney Chris Ayers believes that it's time for an Internet Bill of Rights that will force companies to secure your data and restrict their ability to profit off it. He's not as concerned with big social media platforms barring diverse thought, as he doesn't think the government should be controlling content, but there is certainly a huge problem there as well. Perhaps freedom of express and privacy need to be handled separately. 

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