David Limbaugh needs no introduction. His work as an attorney, author and media personality is well known. He talks about how the left has taken a detour from sanity and has embarked upon a program of incivility that has led to violence. He doesn't expect the Congress to expel its rogue member, Maxine Waters, et al. They just don't have the spine for that. But progress is being made and Republicans, for the first time, are fighting back. 

His new book, Jesus is Risen, is a bestseller like all the rest of his prior works. He traces the beginning of Christianity and then its rise from a small circle of followers. Great reading! Highly recommended.


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Daniel Ameduri joined us today. In discussing the rapidly appreciating cannabis stock sector, he believes that it may have temporarily peaked and it could be time to start looking at gold. For the past 2 weeks gold has been pretty solid. It almost looks like the beginning of another upward move. All the signs are there. But cannabis will come back again strongly as more and more states and countries legalize. Canada's legalization day is tomorrow. So happy days are indeed here again. And dozens of countries around the globe are looking at doing the same. The winners will be the master branders. Too early to tell who they will be, but there will be many. 

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Eric Metaxas's latest book Donald Drains the Swamp is an exploration of the humor of the nation's 45th president. Putting aside all political distractions, Trump is an extraordinarily funny human being. According to Eric, Lincoln was too, perhaps before he got married. A day without laughter is like a day without life. Let's all celebrate national humor days, when it's created, actually let's do it before and maybe Trump will proclaim it. 

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