Gold is the ultimate hedge against chaos. And it's very likely we'll be seeing much chaos in the not too distant future. Now David's company has developed a new way to buy gold online that's held in the Royal Canadian Mint. It can be done on your smartphone, it's safe and secure, as long as you believe the Royal Canadian Mint is a trustworthy entity. You decide!

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Crypto currencies have been dead in the water this year. They hit their peak on 12-15-17 and have been extremely volatile ever since. Steven Menking believes that it's going to take a specific event that brings them out of their doldrums. What will it be? It's not really important, it's just a black swan away. 

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We've been watching the precious metals recession for 7 years now. Will it ever come back? No one knows for sure, but the recent activity is encouraging. Last week when the market got slammed, gold made a nice move. We've need to start seeing higher highs and higher lows to be certain, but all things considered, this may be the start. 

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