AS bad as you think the corrupt government may be, according to Michael Moore it's far worse than you could ever imagine. He's been on the inside and he's suffered two FBI raids on his house, even having his family held at gunpoint. His upcoming book: Paine How We Dismantled the FBI in our Pajamas, is absolute must reading. It will blow the lid off the Deep State like no other book before it. Be sure to check out his site 

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Lindsay France writes a column and produces a podcast both entitled The Business of Politics. Her site is geared to independent and unaligned voters. She is seeking to help restore the spirit of debate and the free exchange of ideas, something which is completely absent in today's political climate. We discuss the Kavanaugh Confirmation Abomination and many other important topics. 

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Opening up the market is the solution. Medicare for all is a prescription for national bankruptcy. The key is to allow people to make choices in accordance with their needs. Medical Savings Accounts, means testing for Medicare, tort reform and unleashing the entrepreneurial forces in the economy to find solutions will go a long way towards fixing these problems. It will be interesting to see what happens after the mid-term elections. Don't be surprised if the results turn out much differently than the so-called pundits are predicting. 

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