What is the purpose of a corporation or business? Do they exist to simply maximize profit, regardless of abiding by a code of ethics or the laws of the land? Or are they here to serve the so-called stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, creditors and the community at large? Obviously a company must turn a profit in order to continue its existence. Every entity, whether natural or man made, first seeks to insure its own survival and for businesses that means turning a profit. When they seek profitability at the cost of everything that we all hold near and dear, then perhaps they've give up the right to perpetual existence or maybe it's time to flush out management. Culture matters and certainly the ideal of an overly altruistic company that puts its public service endeavors above those of the company will eventually fail. What's your opinion? 

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Bradley J. Birzer's book "In Defense of Andrew Jackson," does not state that Jackson used the Trumpian term Covfefe, but the two populist presidents certainly share much in common. They both put American First. But there are many differences as well, some of them due to the times in which they lived or are living, and others due to their character. But strength of will and the refusal to take no for an answer are dominant in both. The ability to turn their backs on ridicule and anger is also a common theme. A fascinating look at our 7th president and his life and times. 

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Has the negativity in the precious metals markets peaked? Seasonality is turning favorable and traders front running the process, we may see an increase in January. John thinks it may be a good entry point. We also talked about the coming breakthroughs in quantum computing and the threat it may pose to all encryption, even crypto currencies. No one knows when or if it's coming, but it certainly seems likely at some point it will. 

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Gerald has been writing for months that the situation in the Mideast. It gets more tense between the US and Russia by the day. Just today a Russian troop transport was shot down in Syria. Why is the US and its allies supporting the alleged terrorists in this action? Do we have any goals being there, and if so what are they? Oil prices are shooting higher and this could lead to major economic problems around the world. US interest rate increases continue on unabated. Will we soon reach a breaking point? 

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