It appears that President Trump has prevailed in his trade dispute with the European Union. The goal of zero tariffs appears to be within reach. But is that enough to head off the impending financial disruption? John thinks not. There's just too much debt and not enough productive capacity. It's a prescription for disaster. But you can prepare now. It just takes a little forethought and knowledge. 

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Jamie Keech says it's not easy making money in Vancouver resource stocks and he should know. With a degree in mining engineering, he's worked at a number of places around the globe. However, his most valuable and possibly least satisfying experience was working on the permitting process. That's where you really find out the true story. Jamie says that anyone making claims about speedy permitting turnaround deserves added scrutiny. But in spite of the pitfalls, there's great opportunity in this sector, but you need specialized knowledge to avoid the pitfalls. It's a jungle out there, but Jamie believes it is a profitable one for those investors who perservere.

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