We spoke with author and financial expert Lorraine Ell. Her recent book Bozox Monsters and Whiz-Bangs - Bad Advice from Financial Advisors and How to Avoid It, is must reading. Lorraine helps her clients control emotional responses to market movements. It's hard but she's an expert in the topic. Avoid junk and go for quality. Diversify, both domestically and abroad and most importantly, don't panic!

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John and I answer a number of your questions and then talk about the changing Commitment of Traders report. Usually the Speculators (hedge funds) are wrong and the Commercials (big banks) are right. If that's the case then it appears that the Commercials are less invested to the downside and the Specs are more committed to the downside. This could go on for a while. But it's looking better for the metals after the recent sell off. 

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Martin Armstrong joined us for a talk about what's happening in Italy and the EU. Martin believes that all the EU bureaucrats care about is keeping their jobs and collecting taxes. People in Italy used their homes as savings vehicles because until recently there were no real estate taxes and no inheritance levies. All that is changing and Martin says the people will reach a no mas moment. It's coming. Back in the US, it's Trump versus the Deep State and the World. Who's going to win that one? What's a Deep Stater to do?

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