Ned believes that the tech sector is crashing before our very eyes. If that is the case, then the stock market will break down as well. And then you're left with gold and silver and ag. We're currently in a precarious situation and Ned thinks the world will again embrace things that have real value. And you don't have to look to far for what that is. 

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Rick Rule and Sprott have been working on setting up a blockchain based gold platform. Now it's finally a reality. Just Monday it was announced that the trading platform is operational. The large gold producer Goldcorp is a shareholder in the venture and has just delivered gold bars to the Royal Canadian Mint to be held for fractional sale. This seems like a natural progression of blockchain technology. It will lower the costs and inefficiencies of buying and selling gold. It is certain to take off soon. Then let's see it spread to other commodity markets. 

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Bruce comes back to the show to talk about Gina Haspel, Trump’s pick to succeed Mike Pompeo as head of the CIA. She is a thirty-year veteran of the agency, one well respected by intelligence professionals from both parties. If confirmed, she will be the first woman to run our most important security agency. But despite this feminist victory, the Dems are likely to muddy the waters at her confirmation hearings by smearing her with allegations she oversaw “torture” at a black site in Thailand in 2002. Typical of what we can expect is the New York Times editorial titled, “Having a Torturer Lead the CIA,” even as the charge about the black site was shown to be untrue. 

It's never about advancing women's careers and causes, it's all about the left getting and keeping power.

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