Our good friend Dr. Ted Noel joined us again. We thought after his penetrating analysis of Hillary Clinton's many physical maladies during the presidential campaign that he would happily fade back into obscurity. Were we ever wrong! First Hillary is still alive (barely) and kicking on the political scene. In addition, Nancy Pelosi is losing it, particularly on the screen. And Supreme Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg is clearly on the edge. Is she really up to remaining on the court? When it comes to medical issues of politicians, Dr. Ted is our go-to guy. And it appears that it's going to continue to be a target rich environment, so he'll have plenty of work for the future. Heaven knows that the Congress is getting any younger.  

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We're all somewhat skeptical about Q anon. However, his last post seems to nail. Red Castle - Green Castle. A reference to the Army Corps of Engineers and the building of the wall, countdown started.

Further proof that rumors of 18k plus sealed indictments are false. The numbers just aren't there. If you know better then show me the way. Sealed cases are certainly a matter of concern in the Federal Courts. There's been an undeniable trend towards more and more sealed cases over the past decade. But there could be reasons for the rise and we need more information about them. However, my inquiry to the DOJ seeking an explanation was rebuffed. 

Finally, a shocking discovery. Almost all the criminal cases filed in the US District Court in San Diego dealt with Hispanics. Reading the first 50-60 cases on the docket report showed that there were very few non-Hispanics indicted during recent months. It's probably not too much of a stretch to assume that the vast majority were visiting the US illegally. This should say something about the need for the wall. 

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In an era when traditional investing yields meager results,  Craig Cecilio has found a better way. His fund uses crowd source funding to help develop good cash-flowing projects off the drawing board and into development. It's a highly niche based segment of real estate funding, but it has achieved incredible results. Technology can help you achieve higher returns, when it's done right. 

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It's no secret that the financial sector has expanded at a near geometric pace, along with the debt burden. While it's great for the big banks, it's come at the expense of society as a whole and individuals have taken it on the chin. Low cash levels and liquidity will bring down the household sector. Banks always want to sell more, regardless of the customer's best interest. They're never held to account and this cannot end well. The business model of ABS Always be Selling will result in a major deflationary bust. But no one wants to believe, yet. 

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