It's no secret that certain aspects of the reform effort of Dodd Frank Act have been very injurious to the economy, especially if you're looking to buy a new home. That's about to change. New pending legislation will make it easier for small banks to extend mortgages to deserving borrowers and it will be cheaper to these banks to comply with the law. Too Big to Fail Banks will still be subject to stricter regulation. Sounds like a winner. 

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Just when you thought it was over, Trump is winning. The wall is going to be built. China just came to the table with trade concessions. North Korea appears to be malleable and will perhaps give up their nukes. Dodd Frank has been rolled back! Trump is prevailing on so many fronts that his opponents don't even know where to turn. If this is what losing is all about, then let's keep it going. 

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Branding expert Karen Leland believes that even if CEO Mark Zuckerberg isn't certain yet of all the facts, his next steps, or even how Facebook has determined to proceed, there is still a necessity for him to be seen, heard and above all communicate that he gets the critical nature of the situation. If she were coaching Zuckerberg, she'd would advise him, or any other CEO facing a PR disaster, to get ahead of the game by doing the following four things: express concern, apologize, commit to finding the facts, and present a next action. Zuckerberg needs some major media mentoring to learn how to connect and communicate. Until the culture gets fixed, the solution will remain elusive. 

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