John R. Lott joined us again for a look at the Parkland massacre. While it's nice to believe that with the simple passage of a law, such events will never happen again; the reality is quite different. John first proposed arming school officials back in 1998 and was met with universal shock and alarm. Even the NRA opposed it. What a difference 20 years can make. The absence of firearms, the definition of a gun free zone, only makes such targets more attractive. It's time to wise up. 

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Has the tech stock romp turned into a stomp? Tech stocks are sinking. Facebook has been called out by Snowden as a surveillance site masquerading as a social network. It's good to be like, isn't it? Heckla mining just made a major acquisition, a bullish trend is starting. More junior acquisitions on the way. 

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Another case of life imitating FSN. We predicted round 2 of the Trump tax cuts in December 2017, long before anyone else! And sure enough, Trump has done it, he's doubling down on success. The legacy media just doesn't understand how he works. And hopefully they never will. 

Q anon (the intelligence insider who has make nearly 1000 posts) has been busy at work. Even if half of what he says isn't true, which has not been the case, there's some amazing things happening. Could FBI Deputy Director McCabe be part of a plan to purge the deep state? Can we really trust Sessions and Wray? What's going to happen next? 

Finally, there's a Frito-Lay shortage in NYC due to another globalist plot to screw the working man. PepsiCo cut driver pay by 1/3 and can't understand why they're quitting in droves. Bean counters should be forbidden from managing anything other than a lemonade stand. Don't get us wrong, some of our best friends are accountants, but their role should be to make sure financial controls are obeyed and to count the left over beans at the end of the year. That's it!

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