Having helped grow several billion dollar companies while at Sequoia, Warren Hogarth knows exactly what separates good companies from great ones. Now, as a founder, he's quite literally putting his skills to the test in building Empower - a personal finance app recognized by Time Magazine as one of the Best Apps of 2017.

Warren says that the ultimate goal, explains is to have Empower be able to fully replace your bank’s app.“ We want to help you take action to get ahead – without you having to exit the app, go to your bank app, remember you password, move money around…[with Empower] from one place, you have control of everything,” he says. 

And over 200,000 current app users seem to agree. 

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MORE Great News for America...

  • explains why the polls in 2016 were wrong and why presidential approval ratings and other polls are still wrong today;
  • predicts the end (the complete shutdown!) of the Democratic Party in the near future;
  • predicts the split of the Republican Party into two parties – the Conservative Party and the Republican Progressive Party; and
  • predicts the coming of an era of conservative enlightenment that includes four big religious and cultural trends in America:
    • Return to faith in God
    • Renaissance of reason
    • Restoration of education
    • Rebirth of morality, freedom, peace and prosperity


According to Dr. Lameiro, it’s an exciting and hope-filled time to be alive. Rather than lamenting dismal times ahead as many pundits do, he argues persuasively that America has entered a new conservative era. He predicts that there will be a rebirth of morality in government; that we will see a return to more individual freedom; that we will witness peace with other nations as well as peace within America, resulting in a level of economic prosperity greater than ever before seen in the history of the world. 


MORE Great News for America brings us up to date on where America stands using Dr. Lameiro’s long-range presidential election models to include his latest dynamic electoral models. And his ever-growing radio audience appreciates that Dr. Lameiro avoids the jargon of specialists, preferring to speak in direct, straight-forward, and commonsense language.


In his previous book, “Great News for America,” Dr. Lameiro made ten bold and surprising predictions - nine of which have already come to pass. Building on his solid track record, in MORE Great News for America, he makes eight new, powerful predictions that will no doubt shock many readers and experts alike, which include some stunning revelations about the political parties and their future viability; the actual upcoming Congressional elections; the makeup of the new House of Representatives and Senate; and the outcome of the Trump agenda. He also looks ahead to the upcoming 2020 presidential election with an early forecast that might surprise many people who follow the conventional wisdom. 

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Al Caicedo believes that there's probably more good economic news on the way. There's always variables and unknowns, but with real unemployment at 8.1%, there's plenty of room for better numbers. Wage growth has been slow, but the workforce participation rate has been ticking up. With a tight job market, wages could start going up. The tax cut should be putting more money in workers pockets. As always there's winners and losers, but there are certainly more winners than losers. Corporate tax cuts should lead to higher wages and more jobs. How will they use that money?

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