As our good friend Jason Hartman says, "It's an amazing time to be alive!" The Blockchain is where it's at, but not necessarily in the way you might think. There are applications yet to be written that will revolutionize the way we work, invest, shop, etc. But there's much work to be done and not enough Blockchain developers out there to do it. But our lives are about to really change in a most dramatic fashion. Check out the coverage on the North American Bitcoin Conference. 

Next we discussed Q Anon, the supposed insider who's been keeping much of the blogosphere up till all hours of the night. Do a search on YouTube and find out about it. If it's true, the deep state is about to take a major hit, with people we all know and hate spending long periods of their lives in prison. And Pizzagate is alive and well. 

Finally, will it be curtains for Comrade deBlasio? There's a witness who's claiming he bribed the Comrade. He's so stupid he probably took the money and did a selfie. Let's cross our fingers. If he goes then Andy Cuomo might also be headed for the chopping block. 

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