It's no secret that stock markets are at already unsustainable levels and getting more so every day. This has led otherwise intelligent people to question whether standard security valuation tools are still relevant. When prices are rapidly increasing it's easy to believe that valuations don't matter. However, at such time when the market inevitably corrects, Danielle's belief (and mine too) is that valuations really do matter and in fact one many so-called investors are going to realize it as well. 

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James Hirsen highlights Hollywood's sexual abuse problems in his recent column. James Franco has become the latest target of allegations from no fewer than five women. Worst of all he's in contention for an Oscar after receiving a Golden Globe Award. How will they handle it? It's a real dilemma for them. Add to that declining movie ticket sales and the implosion of the Brand after the Harvey Weinstein eruption and they've got a major mess on their hands. And according to James, Oprah has got a lot of issues of her own, so don't expect to see her on the presidential debate stage anytime soon. 

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David Morgan, one of the thought leaders in our community, joined us for a look ahead at 2018 for precious metals. David's got a company that pulls precious metals out of scrap and is poised to cash in. There's more gold in a ton of scrap iPhones than you find in many mines. 2017 showed strength in gold, not so much in silver. David wouldn't be surprised to see a high of $21 or more for silver in 2018. Peak years coming in 2020. Palladium was a major hit for the year going up 55%. Copper was up 30 percent and other base metals went even higher. And we're probably just getting started in the next upswing. 

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