in 2017 new oil discoveries hit an all time low. Prices are up over $60 the barrel and they could go a lot higher. Chris believes that there's just not enough in the pipeline to satisfy world demand. Same with many other things that society demands. There are limits to our ability to produce in many areas. Challenges are ahead and if there's another crash, all bets are off. 

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Harlan Ullman joined us again for a talk about what the US should be doing about Iran and North Korea. Harlan believes we need to keep hands off in Iran and let things unfold, hopefully for the better. With North Korea there appears to be an opening for diplomacy. The US has to give up the idea that they will abandon their nuclear program and hope for containment. Will it be enough? 

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We checked in with the former congressman to get an update on 2017 and to get his outlook for 2018. Trump seems to be out of favor with the public, but his agenda seems to be highly favored by the public. The 2018 midterms are a wild card. Democrats seem more motivated than Republicans, but we'll have to see what happens. The Dems need 24 seats to take over. There's numerous Republican retirements. Let's see if the passion can bring them over the top. Maybe the tax bill will be the key. 

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