Ivan and I did a recap of President Trump’s first year’s foreign. Overall things look pretty positive. While there have been interventions they haven’t been extensive. Ivan doesn’t foresee military confrontations with either North Korea or Iran. Rather there’s a policy of containment and allowing them to self-destruct as what’s happening in Venezuela. Of course things could change very quickly so stay tuned.  

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When we first started speaking with Martin Armstrong the Dow Jones Industrial Average stood at a paltry 16000. Today it's approaching 25000 and has never looked back. While his timing of the advance hasn't been completely accurate, his call on the direction has been one of the few correct ones. And according to Martin, it's not close to being done. Look for it to head to 39000 or even higher. The reason is simple, the rest of the world is an even bigger mess than the US. And there's more good news, the Trump tax cuts will unleash the US economy bigly! Companies that haven't been competitive in decades will all of sudden find themselves as world class competitors. Europe and Asia are in a tizzy over it. The results will soon be felt. 

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