When it comes to investing in real estate, according to Alex Goldstein, planning is the key to success. You need to do a very in depth self-assessment to see that your purchase is actually in accord with your goals. Unfortunately, very few investors take the time to go through this exercise and that's how the problems begin. 

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The world is falling apart. According to John Rubino, countries are literally falling apart. These elections come up and either the local variant of Donald Trump is elected or wanna be countries are voting for more autonomy. It's happening in Italy, Spain, Austria, and the Czech Republic. The Czechs elected their own Trump. What's the world to do? 

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Michael Stumo joined us today to discuss the ongoing NAFTA negotiations with Canada and Mexico. The US is taking a much harder stance than Michael expected. Trade Representative Lightziger has drawn a line in the sand and Mexico and Canada are up in arms. How will it end? Let's see what happens next. 

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Monday with Andrew Hoffman:

Bitcoin $6,000

  • Why is this happening, and what to expect in 2018
  • Tomorrow’s Bitcoin Gold fork, and next month’s SegWit 2X 

Bitcoin “dominance” at a four-month high, relative to other cryptos

Bitcoin’s indifference to financial markets

Historic dislocation of rigged traditional “markets” from reality

  • Can it be sustained indefinitely?
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