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Jason observes that due to the worldwide increase in wealth over the past several decades, there is now a shortage of high quality assets. This was foreseen decades ago by the infamous Michael Milken. Now where is this shortage as pronounced as in US high quality single family housing. That's why the prices keep shooting up, until they eventually come down again. 

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Wayne Allyn Root believes that Senate Leader McConnell is ready for a fall. The sooner the better. The Senate and House have been the enemies of the people for many years and now Trump has totally unmasked them. 

What really happened in the Las Vegas Massacre? Wayne believes that MGM systematically disarmed its security guards to save on insurance. As a result, the Mandalay Bay turned into a defacto gun free zone. He was in a nearby restaurant when the shooting started. It was unclear how many shooters there were and where the shots were coming from. Scary times!

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