Recently Heather was on Facebook, her first mistake and was friended by a young gentleman from New York, or so she thought. Actually, he was from Ghana and he had a deal for Heather. Just send him $6,000 and she could make over $100,000. Of course Heather recognized him for the fraudster he was. She strung him along for quite a while. Unfortunately the FBI wasn't interested unless she sent him money. Well that's where the story ended. Hopefully her case can help others to avoid getting scammed. 

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John observes that the yield curve is flattening out. In the past this has been a sure sign of impending recession. Is this time different? Then we move to other ominous signs in Europe. Catalonian secession, a nationalist government elected in Austria and the Kurds march towards their own state. Not exactly a comforting picture of stability in the world. 

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Monday with Andrew Hoffman:

Bitcoin’s massive breakout above $5,000

-nearly at the $100 billion market cap level where ALL global investors can participate

-equally massive Bitcoin dominance surge vs. other cryptos

-upcoming BGold (Oct 25) and S2X (Nov 19) hard forks, and second Bitcore (Oct 30) airdrop

Crypto-Ruble launch

-not a crypto, but Russia going cashless

 Chinese 19th National Congress this week

-major changes coming, all good for Bitcoin and gold

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