Lynette Sang joined us for an interesting discussion of central banking and crypto/klepto-currencies. The Fed orchestrated the Crash of 1929. It was basically a wealth redistribution scheme and it worked quite well. Now we're approaching a global economic reset where the coin of the realm will be SDR's (special drawing rights) issued by the IMF. What could go wrong? They've got your back, right? Also, Lynette believes the crypto-currencies could easily be a scheme to get you to give up your paper currency. Lot's more here, so listen carefully. 

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Darius Norman joined us to discuss the recent massive Equifax data breach and why you need to be proactive. What's 145.5 million credit reports among friends? A disaster in the making. So look out and keep on top of your credit reports and lock them down. Darius tells you how. 

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Rob Long has done the impossible. BIGLY is Regnery’s fun, new book, edited by Cheers writer Rob Long, that turns the best of Trump’s infamous quotes and tweets into poetic verse! Trust me, in this vicious news cycle, you won’t want to miss this hilarious comedic break. It's funny and like all great humor, it has the seed of truth. 

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Danielle quotes, '"A buoyant and complacent stock market is worrying Richard H. Thaler, the University of Chicago professor who this week won the Nobel Prize in economics, “We seem to be living in the riskiest moment of our lives, and yet the stock market seems to be napping...'"

We're living through the most complacent market on record. All the bears have given up and gone home, which often happens before a correction. 

Danielle's final word of caution, "The only really bad way to be wrong is to lose a ton of money." 

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Jeremy Poirier has over 12 years of experience in the capital markets, with 8 of that in the Lithium industry, making him one of the most knowledgeable insiders around. He was a co-founder of Pure Energy Minerals Limited. During his tenure with there, he reviewed numerous lithium assets and fostered relationships with various partners throughout the supply chain. He started Bearing Lithium to exploit the amazing opportunities in Lithium. Prices are now in the $15k per ton range, whereas just a few short years ago they were less than $5k. Demand for Lithium continues to increase geometrically in a variety of areas. Truly an emerging growth industry/success story. 

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