Some people believe the Gods are crazy and others believe Trump is nuts and still others believe that North Koreans are really insane. Who's right? Dr. Paul Kengor believes that the North Koreans are rational and following a definite strategy in their confrontation with the US and the World. He thinks that they believe, due to prior treatment, that nothing will done to stop their nuclear desires. And China couldn't care less. But then that was before Trump. Perhaps now they're unsure and just maybe will back off. Things are happening behind the scenes. Let's see what happens next!

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Is this deja vu all over again? Chicago fighting the mob and a great depression and looking for a way into the future. 

Al Capone and the 1933 World’s Fair: The End of the Gangster Era in Chicago is a historical look at Chicago during the darkest days of the Great Depression. The story of Chicago fighting the hold that organized crime had on the city to be able to put on The 1933 World’s Fair.

William Hazelgrove provides the exciting and sprawling history behind the 1933 World’s Fair, the last of the golden age. He reveals the story of the six millionaire businessmen, dubbed The Secret Six, who beat Al Capone at his own game, ending the gangster era as prohibition was repealed. The story of an intriguing woman, Sally Rand, who embodied the World’s Fair with her own rags to riches story and brought sex into the open. The story of Rufus and Charles Dawes who gave the fair a theme and then found financing in the worst economic times the country had ever experienced. The story of the most corrupt mayor of Chicago, William Thompson, who owed his election to Al Capone; and the mayor who followed him, Anton Cermak, who was murdered months before the fair opened by an assassin many said was hired by Al Capone.

But most of all it’s the story about a city fighting for survival in the darkest of times; and a shining light of hope called A Century of Progress.

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Matt Nye was all over the Trump Tax Reform Plan. It doesn't really reform the abusive tax code at all. Yes some people will save money and the corporate rates are being cut substantially, but it doesn't go far enough. But what else did you expect from the Swamp? This is how sausage gets made in Washington, DC. 

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