David Morgan's been following precious metals markets for 40 years. During this time he's seen a lot. He thinks that the current rally which broke through $1300 without breaking a sweat will soon be over. The silver to gold ratio is not narrowing and that's a negative sign. There's a lot more problems out there than anyone politician wants to admit. Eventually those problems will percolate to the surface making the crash of 2008-09 appear as a minor blip. Are you ready? 

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Antifa and Black Lives Matter are out of control. The police have been told to stand down in the face of repeated attacks by these groups. We discuss with George Matheis, our all around self-defense expert, how to avoid triggering these thugs. It might be a good idea to put your MAGA hat away and avoid putting certain bumper stickers on your vehicle. 

George has a new business. He's training service dogs and loving every minute of it. He had a bad case of PTSD and has found that his service dog has always got his back. Dogs are also ideal for home defense, more sensitive than even the best alarm system. 

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