Trevor says that freedom of expression today is like one of those exotic animals that everybody says they love, but that still appear to be heading inexorably towards extinction. Everywhere from the internet to the universities, from football to the theatrical stage, from out on the streets to inside our own minds, we are allowing the hard-won right to freedom of expression to be reined in and undermined.

There is an urgent need now to stand up for free speech as an indivisible right. The danger today is not just that we lose the free-speech wars, but that we risk surrendering our most precious liberty without a fight. Why has this right been slowly dying off?

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Ivan Eland says the threat from China's lone aircraft carrier has been overstated. The world's media is touting the "coming out" party for China's aircraft carrier, the Liaoning. The carrier and its's entourage of escorting destroyers and frigates made a splash when they left the first island chain behind and sallied forth into the open Pacific Ocean past Taiwan and Okinawa. The ship and its battle group are symbolically headed to the South China Sea, where China has territorial disputes with several nations. But it takes years and years to develop the expertise necessary to wage carrier based war and China certainly doesn't have it yet. Perhaps Trump's idea of a closer relationship with Russia isn't so off the wall. 

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What's happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Historic Western equity and base metal bubble - and precious metals "anti-bubble<>"

Dramatic physical PM premiums and declining production<> highlight heightened market tightness

2017 - the year of money printing<> and draconian government actions<>

Italian bailout, Dutch election, and countless other "PM bullish, everything-else-bearish" headlines.

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