Martin Armstrong joined us today. The European Banking Crisis is very real. They're damned if they bail out Deutsche Bank and damned if they don't. Bailing out a German bank will require a bail out of Italian banks and everyone else. Will Merkel go down in history as the woman who brought down the international financial system? 

Martin says the model is predicting a major Trump victory. While Clinton may be looking to fix the election, he doesn't see it as likely. 

Either way, the system is getting very weak and brittle and there's not much keeping it propped up at this point, other than self-important central bankers and there's a lot less to them than meets the eye. 

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Bix Weir joined the show today. Deutsche Bank is imploding before our very eyes. Their bonds will soon be worthless and no one is coming to their rescue. Bix thinks it's the end of the world economic system as we know it, and it can't come soon enough for Bix. There's nothing that can save it now. According to Bix the end is imminent, so buckle your seatbelts and be prepared. 

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Where We're Heading Next Wednesdays:

-Deutschebank (imminent collapse), the oil market (failed Algiers meeting), and the Fed (Humphrey-Hawkins testimony this morning)...
"Damage Control, of a Horse with Two Broken Legs" (title of article to be released in a few hours)
-The Debate...
"A Trump Victory would equal BrExit tims Ten<>"
-History's most maniacal PM suppression, let alone during yesterday's COMEX options expiration

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For Deutsche Bank the news keeps getting worse and worse. The German Government informed the bank that it will not be bailed out. Where does this leave the world financial system? Already weakened and in potentially terminal condition, the US government is trying to extract billions in fines from Deutsche. Is this an act of madness, deliberately gauged to bring down the bank and everything else with it? 

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