Jason K. Roberts has been busy since we last spoke. He's not seeing the value in the Florida markets so he's been branching out to other states where there hasn't been as much appreciation. He looking for markets where the money has yet arrived or as Jason said, "He's going where the money isn't." A wise strategy for realizing higher returns. 

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Adam Meister has become somewhat of a goto guy when it comes to the topic of Bitcoin. There's so many options and if you're not sure what to do, Adam has a solution. He believes that Trezor is the way to go because it enables you to keep your private key off of the internet, which is a good thing. It's an external device that plugs into your computer. Then you can lock it up and no one can get to it. If it's lost or stolen, you get another on and retrieve your Bitcoins. Sounds like a great solution to me. 

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By now virtually everyone has seen the video of Hillary Clinton's physical breakdown at the 9/11 Memorial Service last Sunday. While the Mainstream Media says it was just a stumble while she got into the van, the tape doesn't lie. She appears to have had a seizure and then collapsed. Contrast the Everyday Trump who does 4 rallies on a slow day and doesn't still for a New York Minute. Who's more presidential? Who has the better optics? Which just shows that it's always better to be misunderestimated!

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Whatever Will Happen Next Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

The powers-that-be's control declining as rapidly as Hillary's health
A new "de facto FOMC statement" each day
The Fed's "blueprint" being called out (see today's upcoming article)
Tremors in the stock, bond, commodity markets - about to become Earthquakes
A potentially historic Fall - starting with next weeks' Fed and BOJ meetings

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