Ellory Wells woke up one day in 2009 and found himself unemployed. He stayed that way for 3 months. While he found other employment in the tech industry, he was dissatisfied. This led to his creation of an Exit Strategy. Now he shows others how to do what he did. For him it was the key to finding happiness. Getting out of the rat race made all the difference. For you, it's time to start planning yours now. 

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Whatever It Takes Wednesdays With Andrew Hoffman:


Turkey Coup

Collapsing Oil

Cartel desperation

Euro to fall below 1.10, as Commodity Currencies implode

End game approaching!

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Not much usually comes of presidential conventions, but perhaps this time will be different. Donald Trump has called for the reimposition of the Glass-Steagall Act. That was the Depression Era law which split commercial banking from investment banking. It helped keep the financial sector safe for nearly 60 years. During the Clinton Admin, it was done away with and we all know what happened next. Now we have Dodd-Frank, which has done absolutely nothing to prevent another financial crisis. While it has imposed certain controls upon the big banks, the Too Big To Fails keep getting ever bigger, virtually insuring the next crisis is even larger. Glass-Steagall is exactly what's needed now and Trump's plan is a major step in the right direction. 

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The United States was an accident of history. However, it led to an unprecedented expansion of individual rights and liberty never before seen in the history of man. Now it's all in jeopardy. The collectivists are winning the battle, opening the way for China, Russia and the Islamists to destroy freedom. Never before has freedom's grip hung so tenuously. Is Donald Trump freedom's last chance? While he's an imperfect messenger, Trevor believes he's all we have. 

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