Dan Johnson of the Tax Revolution Institute has a novel idea, audit the IRS. The first thing is to know the enemy. They're surveying people to understand what the IRS is doing. They want find out how the agency is overstepping it's bounds. How is it exceeding its statutory limitations, is it actually doing it at all? Once this information is known then it will be published and hopefully solutions will be proposed. As we all know ignorance of law is no defense, but people of average intelligence should be able to understand these laws without possessing an advanced degree. 

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Peter and I have been speaking for 5 years now. We're seeing state sponsored civil unrest. 2016 is the beginning of the process that Peter has been warning of. People have been distracted by the bubble that the Fed blew. Bernanke was the hero. However, the reality is that everything that was done actually made the problems much worse and now we're heading for a much worse disaster for which there are now bail-outs. There is no riding out this disaster. 

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Matt Bellis is communications director of Liberty HealthShare. In the past year enrollment has grown to 25,000 families and 65,000 people. The reason for this growth is quite simple, the nature of healthcare cost sharing is that it shifts control from government bureaucrats and insurance company employees back to you the patient. And the cost is as much as 80% less than conventional health insurance. I have personally save thousands in the past year. Recently I had minor surgery and Liberty took care of it all. Liberty is truly a revolution in healthcare cost payment and sharing. 

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Doug Casey has done so much in his life. Investor, speculator, best-selling writer, real estate investor and much more. Now he's entered the realm of fiction write. His upcoming series of novels will start with The Speculator. It promises to be an entertaining yet educating series. As Doug says, I can now say things that I could never says before, since I'm writing fiction. The book will be out in September, we can't wait!

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