Dave Bego is concerned that Donald Trump will be unable to pivot properly and realign his campaign in order to beat Hillary. After all, she will have the entire brunt of Wall Street and the Unions working to insure her victory, if she can stay out of jail that is. It's going to be an interesting election that's for sure. 

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Andrew Zatlin sees an economic slow down in the US and elsewhere for the fourth quarter of this year. He believes that smart phone sales will be static or in decline which will negatively impact many Asian Economies. In a number of countries, smart phone components represent their biggest industries, i.e. Vietnam, Singapore, etc. We agreed to disagree on this one. My personal opinion is that the next new new thing in smart phones is just around the corner. But we will see. 

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Just when you thought it was safe to bury the EU, Brexit appears to be in deep trouble. Is it all propaganda or has the tide turned? John believes that the killing of MP Cox was an integral part of the plan to keep the UK in the EU. And it just might work. Unfortunately for The Powers That Be, it's getting much harder to keep their dastardly dealings from the public eye. Witness what happened with the Democratic Committee's data breach which exposed their opposition research on Donald Trump and the fact that they had chosen Hillary Clinton 2 years before the last primary was completed! How do you spell R-I-G-G-E-D? 

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