Wayne Allyn Root is nothing if not consistent. From the beginning he said that Donald Trump would be the Republican nominee. While most people thought he was off his rocker, look what happened. He's also been saying from the get-go that Hillary would never be the nominee for a number of reasons, the least among them her email travail. Wayne says she's a lousy candidate, isn't real and doesn't like people. She's a manufactured candidate, just like all the rest except for Donald. When will the next shoe drop? 

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Eric Hadik has been right on the money, calling the beginning of the latest precious metals bull market, calling the end of the stock bull market and forecasting the upsurge in terror and emerging threats to the Anglo-American Hegemony. If you'd listened to his call on gold last December, you'd be off to a phenomenal start in 2016. 

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Imagine you're running an office and you believe that someone is in your employ, who you've never met, but is doing a good job. It's time for the 20th Anniversary Celebration, but guess what, you're employee hasn't showed up for work for the last 6-11 years or even more. And no one knows and you never bothered to find out. This situation happened in Spain, but it could have just as easily happened in US or a state or other governmental subdivision. For all we know, it's happening thousands of times each day. Think about that and then you begin to get the picture of why people despise the government.

And while you're at it, if you're planning to travel this summer, leave extra time, because there's a good chance the TSA delays will cause you to miss your flight. Or sign up for Global Entry today and reduce your wait time dramatically. If you're not too concerned about the government having your prints and other info. 

Finally look at the gold stocks and the resource sector, which have come screaming back to life. Amazing, an industry that just 6 months ago was facing an existential threat. Every dog has its day!

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Economic Wack Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

  • The Fed's last stand - FOMC "minutes" today, amidst a renewed collapse in commodities and currencies, economic data, and a potentially chaotic BrExit vote.

  • Historic PM manipulation, with unprecedented naked shorting going up against record demand, plunging production, and surging institutional interest.

  • Also, I wrote a "special supplementary" article re: gold counterfeiting today.
    Etc, etc.

Don't worry because it never ends!

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