Aaron Clarey, also known as Captain Capitalism, has been busy. He took a long motorcycle trip around the South and even tried out a donkey ride while he was at it. But he didn't miss a beat when it came time to his valued clients at assholeconsulting.com. He specializes in giving direction to lost millennials and heaven knows he'll never run out of takers. He also found time to publish a new book, Curse of the High IQ, which is pretty much self-explanatory. Talk about enjoying the decline!

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When it comes to the precious metals markets there's no more astute observer than Craig Hemke a/k/a Turd Ferguson. And he's not convinced that the rally in precious metals has legs. Until gold smashes the upper end of the channel, which is $1263 per ounce, Craig is a skeptic. It's just that he's seen it so many times before. And hope is not a successful investment strategy. So you've been warned. 

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John brought to our attention today that famed resource investor Rick Rule believes that it's now safe and probably even profitable to start buying miners again. Rich has been bearish on the sector for many years now. His change of sentiment is notable because of his prior record of success in mining stocks. This could be yet another indicator that the precious metal sector has turned. 

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