Leslie Pappas wrote the book on 1031 Real Estate Exchanges. She goes through the steps that can you help avoid taxes on gains from Real Estate that you've sold at a substantial profit. It's not hard to do, but there's a number of steps that you need to take to avoid the tax ax from falling upon you. 

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Danielle joined us today. Why wasn't debt paid down when times were good? When the economy was going well, everyone was congratulating themselves for their brilliance. However, when the economy is going down, they're not taking any responsibility for it. These Masters of th Universe. While everyone is claiming that no one could see the oil crash coming, that's incorrect, numerous people did see it coming, along time ago. Where we head from now is the important issue. Will we learn from history? 

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Arch Crawford the noted astrological financial forecaster joined us today after a long hiatus. He's down on the share markets but finally is seeing the possibility of a long overdue precious metals rally. There's so much uncertainty in the world with financial disruptions a possibility and potential wars ready to break out all over, it's certainly worth having a PM position. 

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Former Congressman John LeBoutillier isn't convinced that Donald Trump will be the republican presidential nominee. Rather he believes that the remaining opponents will get their act together, the weakest will drop out leaving the remaining candidate stronger than Trump. When this will happen is the question. So far no one is budging and time is running out. And the theory is questionable, the belief that all of a dropping candidate's votes would go solidly against Trump. When the Donald emerges from Super-Tuesday with the lion's share of votes, many more will likely jump on the winning band wagon.

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Jordan Goodman joined us today for a look at the worsening economy and what it means to investors and business people alike. Jordan believes that the Fed will keep tightening under the justification of dropping unemployment and low inflation. Even though the numbers are artificial, he believes they'll keep doing, until further notice. This means an appreciating US Dollar and worsening trade numbers and is generally bad for investors. Your choices are limited and you need to start finding alternatives. Keeping a significant cash position is certainly an option as is shorter term low risk investments. 

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