Daniela Perdomo saw a need for off-grid communications and founded www.gotenna.com. By simply using a smartphone, a device and an app, it allows people to set up their own communication networks, even when there's no cell tower or phone service available. The device is inexpensive and allows users to text and call each other, wherever they may be. The range is currently limited to several miles, but it can be a lifesaver for skiers and hunters, who have gone outside the coverage area of their cell carrier. It also works for those seeking privacy from snooping governments. She's sold thousands of the units and is foreseeing further growth as word gets out. 

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Obamacare is in bad shape. What are Hillary and Bernie running on, keeping Obamacare safe from the Republicans and making it even better. Frank believes that eliminating down state barriers that prevent insurance companies from competing in other states will be a big help. In addition, tort reform is a must. Malpractice insurance costs are prohibitive and there's too many frivolous law suits. Finally, mandated coverages by state regulators has driven up the cost of health insurance. Requiring carriers to pay for expensive fertility treatments, overpriced drug treatments, etc., has increased the health insurance costs. 

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Mish Shedlock joined us today for an unvarnished look at the US and World Economies. And it ain't pretty. European banks are in a world of pain, with non-performing loans out of control and getting worse, especially in Italy. Employment numbers are weakening as we speak. We might very well be in a recession now, but we probably won't know for another year, when the powers that be tell us what we already know.  

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A new banking crisis is upon us. From China to Canada to Italy to Germany, the banks are under major stress and you can guess what's coming next. The Wall Street Journal's apologies aside, the banks got us to where we are now and they're helping to take us down the drain yet again. Where will it stop? How will it end? It won't be long now. 

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When it comes to selling your house, creativity always helps. Cast your net wide because you never know where your buyer will come from. Facebook campaigns emphasizing the weather, getting a chef to prepare some interesting tidbits to eat can all help. The more websites your house is listed on the better. One time Dale put up so many signs that he had over 35 people at the open house and sold it within a week! The more who look like they might want your house, the better the chances of a sale. Sending out cards to neighbors that are higher end along with relevant statistics. Always  put up as many pictures as possible. The more things you try, the more likely it is that something will work. 

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