The Street finally found out it was wrong, imagine that? They woke up last week to the reality that the Fed is finished raising rates and meaning the Dollar is going to drop. The stock market is in a bear trend and the Street is translating the stock market's behavior into Fed action. The Dollar has broken the trend line. Gold has rallied this week past its 200 moving average. How long will this move continue, look for a correction once it hits $1150. Then it will back down to the moving average and then it's on to $1184. And silver won't be far behind. 

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Did you ever wonder how entrepreneurs got started? Did great entrepreneurs like Walt Disney, R H Macy, and Mark Cuban take special risks and fail before success? People who create businesses create change—and in the process make life easier, richer and better for millions. If you examine the stories of great entrepreneurs, some themes recur. All of the founders had vision and earned capital at crucial points. But the thread that stands out is the ability to absorb failure and turn it into success.

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Wipe out Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

BOJ NIRP - already a failure, and Kuroda promised MORE today!

Fed "policy error" - Bill Dudley essentially admitted it today!

Tightening physical gold/silver fundamentals;

The relentless, expanding, historic deflation tsunami.

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