Dale Bellis, head of Liberty HealthShare was with us today. As a direct result of the Obamacare re-enrollment nightmare, Healthcare Cost Sharing Ministries, such as Liberty are booming. No wonder, the cost is a fraction of the Obamacare premiums and the coverage is far better, at least in my opinion. Dale tells the heart-warming story of a member's fight with cancer. She needed a surgery that would have cost $300,000 under her old insurance. Fortunately, as a Liberty HealthShare member, the community came to her rescue to insure that she got the care she needed, at half the cost! A movement is indeed afoot. 

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Jason is holding his annual Meet The Masters event. Get a nice discount by going to www.JasonHartman.com/Lutz. I promise you if it's only half as good as last year, it's still worth your while. Jason also discussed the real estate markets. While some coastal markets are pretty heady, the boring markets that Jason likes are holding pretty steady. Mainly because of the Millennial generation's aversion to home ownership and the low home ownership statistics. We're becoming a nation of renters. 

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Author and real estate expert Brett Furman believes that investing in real estate early and often is the way for the Millennial Generation to acquire wealth and invest for their future. He suggests that the younger investors find wealthier older investors to team up with to acquire their capital. Then find sound properties with positive cash-flows. Then rinse and repeat and pretty soon success!

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The sound money community woke up this morning to a world finally behaving rationally — which is to say cowering in abject terror at the prospect of insane levels of debt, criminal incompetence at most major governments and geopolitical turmoil on a scale not seen since Vietnam, if not WWII.

Stocks are plunging everywhere (with the Chinese market closed because of instability), gold is surging, and the “buy the dip” voices in the mainstream media are vacillating between bemusement and panic.

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