Best selling author Wayne Allyn Root joined us for a spirited discussion of the weekend's terror attacks in Paris. In spite of overwhelming proof that the Syrian migration has a direct connection to the attacks, the admin refuses to back down. Wayne speculates as to what their thinking is on the topic. Either way, it ain't pretty. 

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John writes, "This weekend’s Paris attacks, occurring in the middle of one of history’s largest mass-migrations, has the feel of uncharted territory. But it’s actually an eerie echo of something that happened nearly two thousand years ago in more-or-less the same place.

According to some historians, the fall of the Roman Empire wasn’t pre-ordained. By AD 300 it had its problems, including far-flung, hard-to-defend borders and recurring currency crises, but was generally stable and prosperous. Then a new power arose in the East. The Huns were horse archers who could out-ride and out-shoot their neighbors, and they terrorized the Vandals and Goths who lived in what is now Germany and the Balkans, driving them west to Rome’s borders.

Rome chose to let half a million “barbarians” enter, hoping to use them as soldiers and laborers. Instead, it found itself with invading armies and unstable, uncontrollable political coalitions. The complete story is winding, convoluted and full of unfamiliar names, but it ends with the division of the Empire into two parts and the destruction of the original, Italian half."

Will the West figure it out? 

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Joe Messina of was with us today. We discussed the deplorable attacks in Paris, what's going on with more Middle-East Immigration to the US and what it means for the political situation at home. Trying times require an open mindedness and ability to adapt that appears to be lacking in the US today. Will it change, we can only hope!


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Dale Bellis, head of Liberty HealthShare joined us today to discuss healthcare insurance alternatives. Seems that with the new Obamacare policies coming out, the deductibles are so high that people aren't using them. Instead, health insurance has become catastrophic health insurance in many cases, since they'll only be tapped in the event of a major health event. This despite the fact that premiums have gone up hugely in the past couple of years. Enter Liberty HealthShare, where for just a couple of hundred dollars per month, I have a community of people who share their bills. Since I signed up, I have saved nearly $4000. It can truly be a lifeline for families and people on fixed incomes. You just have to see if it's right for you.

Go to

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