Zach Marks who's 16 now was just 11 years old when he realized that kids needed a safe alternative to Facebook. He came up with to solve the problem. He now has 1.8 million kids signed up at the site and the sky is the limit. He's thinking about going public and taking his company to the next level. Entrepreneurism isn't dead yet in the US, it's just moving to the next generation. 

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One of the reasons we go to conferences such as the New Orleans Investment Conference is to find innovative new companies that do things differently or better. Growth Equity Group is a perfect example. They take people's IRA's, help turn them into Self-Directed IRA's and then provide a turnkey real estate solution, complete property management and financing. You'll be buying property in places like Virginia and Omaha, Nebraska. Stable markets with great fundamentals. Cash on cash returns can be amazing and if you throw modest appreciation, the results can be spectacular. Definitely worth a look. 

For more information on self-directed IRA's click here

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Dan Ameduri and I sat down with the Mercenary Geologist Mickey Fulp. Mickey gave us his views on Uranium and precious metals. He gives three uranium companies to watch and believes there are opportunities there. On the precious metals front he believes the recent run up is technical/seasonal and not a sign of a turn around. There's more treading water ahead. 

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