Kip Marlow is a successful entrepreneur, small business teacher and advisor. He describes how John Paul DeJoria went from living in a car with his son to being worth nearly $3 billion. Would you believe that DeJoria gives away 75 percent of his money, to causes of his choice? Why does the founder of such household brands as Paul Mitchell Systems and Patron Tequila do it? Listen and find out. The reasons might surprise you. 

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As you know our partner Jason Hartman has been an innovative real estate investor for several decades. During this time he has helped thousands of individuals realize their dreams by building portfolios of single family homes. During his journey, he developed the Hartman Risk Evaluator, which focuses on land values and building costs. Markets where land prices are high and volatile actually return much less over time than markets where land prices are low. These interesting reasons for this situation and Jason explains why. It could change your outlook towards real estate investing for the long run. 

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What Isn't Imploding Now Wednesdays With Andrew Hoffman:

Silver above 200 DMA ($15.96) for first time in five months.  Gold ($1,176) knocking on the door. 

Peak gold confirmed by Goldcorp

$2.7 trillion of lost debt by Fed

Earnings season starts miserably, time for commodity/shale producers to pay the piper

End of the belief that central banks can save us. 

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