According to Ned Schmidt, there's a complete absence of precious metals in the portfolios of virtually any major fund in the world. Prices are incredibly cheap. At the same time, stock markets are tanking around the world. No one wants to show any gold stocks in their portfolio as they show their year end statements. But come next year, then the move will be on. The technical outlook doesn't get any better. Ned says, "January will be the month!"

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Crista Huff is a retired Vice President of Morgan Stanley. She can now be found at  Goodfellow LLC. She combines fundamental and technical analysis to select stocks, with the goal of outperforming the stock market averages, while lowering risk.  Her strict stock selection criteria include strong future earnings growth, low/fair price/earnings ratios, and low/fair debt ratios.  Then, she waits for the charts to turn bullish before she’ll give the stocks buy ratings.


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Automotive Expert Pam Oakes explains the importance of using a maintenance schedule to keep track of all your automobile’s needs.


The Fall Season is always an opportune time to get the car washed and tuned up form a horrid winter season. Regularly washing and waxing your vehicle will protect the paint and body.


Making sure to keep your vehicle on schedule for all maintenance needs is another important step in ensuring it is ready to ride the road for many years to come


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