Danielle Park and I discussed Senator Elizabeth Warren and her holy war against the banking cartel. While her words seem to have the ring of authenticity and she is the only politician making the case against the current economic system, her prescription is for more regulatory schemes like the Consumer Financial Protection Board, which just has the effect of shrinking competition and making credit more scarce and less available to those who need it most. Danielle believes she's peforming a valuable service by speaking truth to power, while I wonder whether she is genuine and authentic and I believe that she's just a voice for ever expanding government power and authoritarianism.

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Mr. InTheMoneyStocks.com has been cleaning clock recently. Nick says that this is strictly a traders market. Buy and hold investors are getting killed. Gold is getting ready for another climb upwards. The world is awash in liquidity thanks to panicking central bankers and it's up to you to profit accordingly. It's not to hard if you follow Nick's system. Just go to his site and you can get started now.

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Mickey joined us for our Major Monthly Market Review. Markets were very flat and dull during the month with the exception of WTI which had a nice rebound. NatGas continues in the doldrums dropping even more.  Copper has been going up steadily as well. Uranium took a hit as did the dollar. Bitcoin continues to drop. Precious metals remain fairly steady. Let's see if the old maxim, sell in May and go away holds true for 2015.

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